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December 17, 2008

Moving Back

So while it happened a little while back, I have moved back to the US... for better or for worse? True, Shanghai was my new home, and yes I had great friends, but things come up sometimes. Well, at least there's more green back here in the US.

To celebrate my coming back, I have redone my "blog icon" to match a little bit more of what I wanted my blog to show.

But enough of blabbering on.
My recommendation is that if you don't already have super docker, or Adobe reader 9, than download them. They make your life much easier.


December 11, 2008

Can you hear this?

Some newspapers have talked about the "invisible" ring tone, that only teens can hear is here. Check this site out: for the "mosquito rings"

Incase you wanted to look at my menu, here it is... I haven't updated yet.

New "check this out" Icons include - drum roll - the "area 52" icon set. pretty awesome and modern; a mix of alien and apple. Check it out.

Now a important announcement:
minkster is now back in the USA. Unexpectedly. Very, very, unexpectedly. well, I'm here in the US now, so no worries.


Book of the week: The Hunger Games

December 9, 2008

3 top menu items for macs

In my opinion, your menu isn't complete on top without three cool "gizmos." These include
  • Insomnia X: Keeps your computer running while your lid is closed
  • Caffine: keeps your computer bright so you don't have to keep rubbing the mouse; use with Insomnia
  • IAntiVirus: Scans your computer for viruses, then deletes viruses
Have fun,

(haven't had any viruses yet)

December 8, 2008

There and back again

Back in the US, lessons learned, and many new experiences. Some must gets for a trip to China, or just plain cools.

  • Hotspot Shield: This device can be used to get passed the China firewall, or the school block. Works for both Windows & Macs. Search "download Hotspot Shield" on google, and download away!
  • Skype: For communicating to people back home... and when the lesson is boring. A good multipurpose communication. Search Skype on google to obtain Skype.
More news and reflections later,