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January 30, 2009


Ning, not to be confused with the movie nim, is a social site with many new possibilities. Easy templets await, and you can keep adding people, and people can have their own pages.  
Rated :  7/10  - Compared to some of the other social networking sites, ning has almost no people!

Also on the block is Glogster, not to be confused with blogger, which is a site where you can easily create your own posters, and print them out. Great for school, or work, these posters are real time savers.
Rated :  8/10 - the text boxes could use some more effort, but the sharing ability is cool. 

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January 25, 2009

The importance of technology

Once upon a time there weren't any computers, no "storage space" no cameras. Was hat better? In my opinion, in some ways it was, but in some ways it wasn't. 
True, you might have had to be more creative, such as go outside, or read a book, but what about schoolwork. 
Paper vs. Laptop/computer. An easy thing to decide: The laptop. But what happened to the creativity? the drawing, the innovative design? 


P.S. a fun game online:

January 15, 2009

Graphics Converter

Yes, I myself had my doubts about Graphics Converter, such as would it work? What is it like? 
Well, if I had any doubts, they are now gone. iPhoto is good at editing, but Graphics Converter takes it to a new level. Graphics Converter is almost like Photoshop is for macs. 
For effects go to filter, they experiment all you like. To convert/export merely put it into iPhoto. 
Free download at the apple download page. Edit away! 

Tip of the week, incase you didn't know, in iTunes, go up to view, click on visualizer, select one you want, and click show visualizer. Really cool.

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January 3, 2009


Good books are hard to come by. Whether fiction or non-fiction, "good books" - or as you might call them "enticing books" lure you in, and keep you reading. For me, I love to find new enticing books… whether new or old. This is why I would like to introduce you to two new books… Sunrise over Fallujah, and yes, a manual, The Mac OS Leopard Book. 
(sunrise over fallujah by walter dean myers) 

Sunrise over fallujah is a book in which a young man joins the United States Army to fight in Iraq as part of the Civil Affairs Unit. This books sheds light on what it might have been like in Iraq as a young man.

The second book I would like to turn your attention to - only mac users or people who might get a mac - is The Mac OS Leopard book, which in my opinion is a much have for people with macs.