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February 15, 2009

Gmail vs. Hotmail

Which one to have? One created by Google, the other by Microsoft. Well, the long battle ended with these points right here.

  • Lots of contacts
  • Has a good "news related" base
  • Created by Microsoft
  • Has a chat option

  • Constantly more space
  • Easy to use chat
  • Video chat
  • Can share documents
  • " " pictures
  • Created by Google
Well, after looking at those last key points, you may have reached the same conclusion as me: Gmail's the winner.

February 4, 2009

Rumors, or rumored?

Many fanatics, for both computers and books, know what will come out next, and possibly how soon. This applies, as said above to computers and books, such as for books, possibly advanced readers, but for computers, speculations. Take the mac mini for example. Long time, no new upgrades, no new features. Possibility for upgrades like the new macbooks? Rumors. Possibility for Starwars 7,8, and 9? Rumors. 

So if you have any new "rumors" just post them, and I'll comment on them.