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February 4, 2009

Rumors, or rumored?

Many fanatics, for both computers and books, know what will come out next, and possibly how soon. This applies, as said above to computers and books, such as for books, possibly advanced readers, but for computers, speculations. Take the mac mini for example. Long time, no new upgrades, no new features. Possibility for upgrades like the new macbooks? Rumors. Possibility for Starwars 7,8, and 9? Rumors. 

So if you have any new "rumors" just post them, and I'll comment on them. 



Seth said...

Hey Tyler! It's Seth from Shanghai! A rumor is the macbook wheel. There is an advertisement on it from The Onion. A news channel dedicated to making lies. The advertisement is on

Seth said...

One other thing that was rumored was the two headed panda from CNN.

Seth said...

This one I'm not so sure. They claim that Paula from American Idol is on drugs, but it hasn't been confirmed.

Seth said...

Another thing is that Coby Brians from the LA Lakers attempted to rape a lady at a hotel. He denies it so it is not confirmed whether it is true or not.

Matt_Rock said...

Seth you talk to much

Nice music i got suddenly i see a few days ago. really like it

don't think that they are going to make a new starwars

matt rock

get facebook it's awesome

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