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January 30, 2009


Ning, not to be confused with the movie nim, is a social site with many new possibilities. Easy templets await, and you can keep adding people, and people can have their own pages.  
Rated :  7/10  - Compared to some of the other social networking sites, ning has almost no people!

Also on the block is Glogster, not to be confused with blogger, which is a site where you can easily create your own posters, and print them out. Great for school, or work, these posters are real time savers.
Rated :  8/10 - the text boxes could use some more effort, but the sharing ability is cool. 

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Seth said...

Hi "Minkster"! This is Seth Lee from Shanghai! This is a very interesting website. How did you make it and how do you get all your info? is my friend's website, why don't you take a look. Great job on the website!