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January 3, 2009


Good books are hard to come by. Whether fiction or non-fiction, "good books" - or as you might call them "enticing books" lure you in, and keep you reading. For me, I love to find new enticing books… whether new or old. This is why I would like to introduce you to two new books… Sunrise over Fallujah, and yes, a manual, The Mac OS Leopard Book. 
(sunrise over fallujah by walter dean myers) 

Sunrise over fallujah is a book in which a young man joins the United States Army to fight in Iraq as part of the Civil Affairs Unit. This books sheds light on what it might have been like in Iraq as a young man.

The second book I would like to turn your attention to - only mac users or people who might get a mac - is The Mac OS Leopard book, which in my opinion is a much have for people with macs. 



Matt_Rock said...

you should do flowers for algernon. it was good, i read it. thanks for the referal

Gavin said...

u know me