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November 17, 2008

Creating a locked folder (Macs)

The question often comes up, how do you create a locked folder? Well, prepare to be enlightened.

Step one: click on spotlight and type in "disk utility"

Step two: Click on new image

Step three: name your "disk" and choose 128 bit encription

Step four: put in your password

Violá, your done

An easier way: go to to download "espionage" and lock folders easily.


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Matt_Rock said...

You owe me, I was the one that gave you the tip on how to get things to work. You know those applications that you don't want to go in the dock there is this cool thing called "dock dodger" that it is like app zapper where you drag the app in and then it will be removed and when you open it it will not show in the dock