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June 22, 2008

Book questions

Minkster, I have two questions for you concerning books-
1.In the book Life as We Knew It, how would you suggest people be prepared for emergencies?
2.In the book Letters for Algernon, would you have made the same decision to have the operation done on you?

Good questions…
As an answer,

1.I would suggest that people make some home emergency boxes (the ideal boxes would be large transparent crates) that have enough supplies to last two weeks if you would be eating three meals a day. Change the cans, and the drinks every year. Also on the drink topic, pick some bulk waters (lots of individual water bottles) up, considering that if everyone in your family drank two a day, build up enough to last two weeks.

Imagine that someone was hurt. Well, think ahead (this would also be good for just every day), and get a large first aid kit that has everything in it that you would need, and also an explanatory sheet telling how and when to utilize the equipment. Also to be super safe, attend (that doesn’t mean just you, it means bring everyone eligible) a training session on first aid. Check the local news, the Red Cross page, and your local medical station, or hospital, and sign yourself up. You never know when you might need to have that knowledge.

Finally, have your family go over an evacuation plan. Know the safest way out. Designate a meeting space. Make everyone memorize everyone else’s numbers (cell-phone).

2. Yes, I would have made the same decision as Charlie (knowing now what the damage was), because it would have been comforting to know that I had once been that smart and that I had once learned things that I never would’ve dreamed of doing before.

I would have known that I had proved some of the smartest people on Earth today wrong. The scientists who conducted the operation upon Charlie assumed that if he survived, he would stay at his peak intelligence level.

So yes, I would have made the same decision, but also to tell my mother and my sister that I had changed, I was intelligent, and that the Charlie even before the change, had been human. Had had dreams, thoughts, emotions, and feelings.


p.s. I recommend that anyone who hasn’t read the books above should read them.
Minkster recommended ages- 12 or 13 – 18 to 19.

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