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August 29, 2008

2 good restaurants

Out with some people at two different restaurants, i will report them.
Kathleen 5, and Face are two great restaurants.

Kathleen 5 is located over an art museum, at the top of an old railway station, with a fabulous view of peoples park.

Face is loacated near the tech. park, and it makes you feel like you aren't in China anymore, and you can chose from Morrocan,Thai, and Indian foods in different rooms, as well as a night club.

Both restaurants, i feel i must alert you, are not for the stingy. They have high prices, but if you feel like you want a special night or lunch in a perfect setting, try these places out. If not, if you feel you want something special, or if you feel homesick, just go to Element Fresh!


PS, for those pictures I posted earlier, click on them to enlage them!

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