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August 4, 2008

Olympics & site update

So, we all know that the Beijing Olympics 2008 are coming up. Most people also know some of the debates about it: smog, the cleaning up, free speech, journalist rights. I also have a few updating sites up on the side of the blog (courtesy of Google). Well, i'm going to go to some of the Olympics, and so I will keep this blog updated with the conditions, and what's happening in the events I watch, and some video and pictures also! (events include: fresh water kayaking, women's bronze and silver medal soccer game, men's preliminary javelin, and ... the end of one of the racewalks!


So for the second topic, you have probably noticed some of the new things that this blog has, such as... music, game links, and a guest book (please sign!). The music is from Project playlist (, game links are provided by me, and guest book is from Slide (

Thanks for the cooperation and time for reading,


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