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July 22, 2008

Weekly News and Comments 3

So, for my third weekly news and comments... what to do?

Something concerning tech? Something concerning books? Nah, how about a notification!

My third WN&C is going to be about an introduction to the Junior Olympics. We all know about the Olympics. It's going to be hosted in Beijing. Did you know however, that for kids 8-18 there is a nation wide (US) Junior Olmpics.
Events range from the one-hundred to the three thousand meter racewalk.

Qualifying can be a toughfy though. You have to go through associations (near your area- the local trach teams), regionals (all of the states nearby), and finaly if you get through those steps, you get to participate in the Junior Olympics.

Right now, on Friday, We are on the fourth day of JO's. It's been sweltering hot here in Omaha, with an occasional rain shower.

For more information go to the USATF site (united states of america track and field).


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