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July 15, 2008

Y Pulse

So an overview of Y-Pulse... but first, what is Y-Pulse?

This years 2008 Y-Pulse was stellar, lead by Anastasia Goodstein. The conference was about teen marketing, and technology. Speakers Ranged from Justina Chen Headley (an author), to MC Hammer (hip-hop,, and everything went on schedule, and was very exciting.

Who was at the conference?

Starting out companies, starting authors, and CEO's of companies, all people, focusing on tweens, but mostly teens.

So, where was the conference located?

Good old San Francisco. The confrence and the lodging was in Hotel Nikko.

What was your favorite part?

I really liked some of the social networking confrences, but no confrence was bad- for all of the people speaking were very good, and knew what they were doing.


For More information on Y Pulse click HERE.

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